Our vision

A safe digital world

Throughout the day, we meet different people in different roles. Whether we meet them as a colleague, salesperson or neighbor, we depend on establishing trust.

In the digital world, human contact is lacking, and trust must be built by other means. As a publicly approved provider of electronic trust services, Commfides is considered part of Norway’s critical infrastructure.

Commfides offers solutions for authentication, encryption and digital signing for companies and private individuals.  Together with our suppliers and distributors, we create a safe digital everyday life.

Our products


An Enterprise Certificate, also known as eSegl or eSeal, is the company's digital ID and stamp .

Employee e-ID

The employee e-ID is a personal digital ID that is also connected to and managed by the company.

Private e-ID

An electronic ID confirms that you are who you say you are, and gives access to digital public services.

SSL certificates

The SSL portal allows you to manage SSL certificates for your company and their business customers


A comprehensive system for document management that makes digital signing simple and intuitive

E-ID solutions

We offer tailor-made solutions for companies. Employee e-ID can solve several of the company's digital needs.

When you need help with...


Do you need tools to report for your business? We help you find out what kind of e-ID is required.

Digital signing

We offer a comprehensive system for document management that makes digital signing easy and intuitive. 

Access control

Digital access control with the use of e-ID strengthens safety in the workplace.


Encryption is central to digital security. With us, you get products with the market's strongest encryption.

One card for everything

Access to the door, logging on to the PC, authentication and digital signing can be solved with one and the same card.

Message exchange

CertPub makes it easy for businesses to send encrypted messages and transactions.

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