Information on the transition to SEID 2.0

Norway has now switched to a new standard for Enterprise Certificates called SEID 2.0 which corresponds to EU legislation. Businesses can now communicate effectively and securely across national borders.

The previous national certificate profiles SEID 1.0 are now being replaced with the new updated certificate profiles SEID 2.0, which are in line with the European standard and law, called the eIDAS regulation for trust services. The reason for the upgrade is to increase trust in digital transactions in the EU and create a common basis for securing digital interactions, so that everyday life becomes easier.

What are the benefits for you?

  • Increased security with stronger cryptography. Public key size Root CA from SHA256 2048 to SHA512 4096.
  • Better interoperability for the use of Enterprise Certificates and eSeals throughout EuropaSeid 2.0 eIDAS
  • Standardization according to common European regulations

What do you have to do?

Technical preparations

Certificates with SEID 1.0 profile

Informasjon om Seid 1.0-sertifikater.

Certificates with SEID 2.0 profile

Informasjon om Seid 2.0-sertifikater

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about SEID 2.0

Do you have other questions?

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