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Employee e-ID

Employee e-ID is a digital identity card and a tool for digital work tasks. The employee identifies himself in his role as an employee instead of using his private e-ID. This creates security for both employee and employer. Common tasks:

  • Reporting, for example to NAV or Altinn
  • Digital signing
  • Secure login on PC

The employee e-ID is linked to a person with a link to the company behind the digital action. The companyowns and manages the e-ID and cancels it when the employee leaves.

The SSL Portal

The SSL portal allows you to manage SSL certificates for your company and their business customers. The portal is adapted to your needs with its own certificate portfolio and an unlimited number of users.


Get a full overview and control of your and any customers' SSL certificates with the SSL portal.


Order, cancel and renew SSL certificates with one click. The SSL portal provides access to all SSL types from world-leading providers.


In the SSL portal, you can have as many users as you need and an administrator can create users with different rights.

Do you need to send reports?

Enterprise Certificate

An Enterprise Certificate is the company's digital identification. Reporting is one of the most common areas of use. Enterprise certificate is also called eSegl or eSeal and meets current standards in Norway and the EU.


All types of companies in Norway report A-melding to Altinn. The A-melding can be sent through the payroll system, via an accountant or directly to Altinn. By using an Enterprise Certificate, you make reporting flexible and correct.

Reporting of sick leave

NAV facilitates digital follow-up and reporting of sick leave. An Enterprise Certificate is used to identify the company digitally and meet the requirements for secure communication.


The Norwegian Tax Administration (Skatteetaten) has several digital services that make it easy for businesses to gain access to their data. One of them is access to an electronic tax card for employees. Enterprise certificate can be used to gain access.


Maskinporten has been developed by the Norwegian Digitalisation Agency (Digitaliseringsdirektoratet) and makes it possible for companies to share information in a secure way. All companies that will use Maskinporten need an Enterprise Certificate.


There is a requirement that all message exchange in the electricity supplier network Elhub is encrypted with an enterprise certificate. The certificate must be issued to the organization number that signs the message.

Digital ID

Private e-ID

Use your digital ID from Commfides in over 1,500 public Norwegian services via the ID port, for example:

The Norwegian Tax Administration

Check the tax return, change tax card etc


Check information about social security, parental leave, pension etc


Download digital prescriptions at

The loan office

Apply for or administer a loan at Lånekassen


Signeringsporten is a comprehensive system for document management that makes digital signing easy and intuitive. Customers, employees and partners can sign digitally from anywhere in the world.

Signeringsporten is user-friendly and cost-effective. You only pay for the number of signatures you use per month.


CertPub is a service that simplifies and secures communication and transactions between businesses and across national borders.

CertPub makes it possible for businesses to send encrypted messages and transactions in a simple way, such as when communicating between banks, transferring encrypted payment files and sending encrypted EHF invoices.

The service has been developed by, among others, Commfides on the initiative of the Directorate of Digitalisation and Bits (the banking and financial industry’s infrastructure company).

CertPub is based on a common European standard for secure file transfer, PEPPOL, which facilitates secure and flexible communication, transfers and commerce. All businesses that are to receive messages in CertPub need an Enterprise Certificate.

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